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Spanish Language Immersion Program
Immersion language learning is the key to success and the Fastest Way to Learn a Language. It puts your language learning in context  by giving you a lot of opportunities to use it. 
Studying in the country where the language is spoken, in this case, Spanish, you'll learn faster than if you'd stayed at home and learned online or in a classroom. 
Our proposal for you is that you live in Argentina and speak Spanish everyday. You will be able to even think and dream in Spanish! 
Here is how we program this: 

Homestay Living with a host family means better understanding the country's culture.

Morning Classes 4 hours a day. Monday to Friday.

Afternoon Activities We program excursions and cultural visits every afternoon after lunch.

Weekend Activities We program optional weekend trips to different emblematic places of Argentina.

Classes are held in Buenos Aires.  We are located Downtown, 3 blocks from the Obelisc.  

Buenos Aires, as you may have heard, is the cosmopolitan city also known as The Paris of South America.

Practicing Spanish outside the class is a big part of an immersion program.  You  will have intensive Spanish language classes 4 hours a day and, to complement your Spanish course, our full immersion Spanish language learning programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina include a broad range of activities to do together.  The whole program includes: 

The Fastest Way
to Learn a Language


  We cover all the aspects of a Full Immersion Language Process
  1. homestay with Argentine families;
  2. Spanish classes 4 hours a day;
  3. interaction with locals;
  4. visits to the different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires;
  5. trips by public transportation to the different destinations;
  6. group excursions;
  7. cultural visits;
  8. cooking classes;
  9. tango classes;
  10. tango shows;
  11. tango dancing places;
  12. typical food and restaurants;
  13. mate club;
  14. polo games;
  15. soccer tours;
  16. wine tasting;
  17. night bars, 
  18. visits to outskirts of Great Buenos Aires such as Luján or Tigre city,
  19. weekend trips, etc.


You will have the opportunity to have conversations with locals and manage to get out of the “tourist” context and start living the place by being exposed to the realities of everyday life in the country.

Take Spanish Courses in Argentina or Live Online: Spanish Crash Courses - Private Lessons and Group Classes - Buenos Aires Downtown - Argentina
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