Level C1/C2 (Advanced)


1 In no way to be associated with this project.
2 No sooner the door I realized I had left the keys inside.
3 It's time you what you started.
4 I wish my son as responsible as yours. But he is not.
5 She blamed her headache the noise from outside.
6 Peter suggested to a restaurant.
7 Would you rather I at your place next weekend?
8 I overslept this morning and I missed the bus. I wish I this morning.
9 I wish the questions on the exam we will have tomorrow easy.
10 I must remember some stamps for next class.
11 Little about the situation.
12 Suppose you invisible for one day. What would you do?
13 A person should admit mistakes.
14 If we the job abroad last year, we would be living in a our native country today.

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