Level B2 (Upper Intermediate)


1 A: Do you know ?
B: No, I’ve never seen him before.
2 I am a good student,
3 Can you explain why ?
4 On Monday morning, he before going to work. That is to say, his dentist pulled his tooth and did an excellent work.
5 Tom is writing a letter.
A letter by Tom.
6 They say that women are smarter than men.
Women to be smarter than men.
7 "I joined a new corporation yesterday."
Last week he said that he a new corporation the day before.
8 "We would travel a lot if we had a boat."
Yesterday, they said that they a boat.
9 "Why are you so sad?"
Last month he asked me so sad.
10 "Will you call me?"
She asked him if
11 "Write your sentences, please."
Elsa said to her son
12 They would wake up early if they But they do not work.
13 A: Are you the president of this country?
B: No. I am not. I scholarships if I the president of this country.
14 I got wet because I didn't take my umbrella. I if I had taken my umbrella.
15 When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to read fairytales to me.
When I was a little girl, my grandmother fairytales to me.

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