Level B1 (Intermediate)

1 A: When did you last go to New York?
B: I a few weeks ago.
2 I this long hair since I was 20 years old.
3 A: How did you like the concert?
B: It was great! But it cost a fortune! It was 20% than last year.
4 This is the slowest car since I was born.
5 We the car to Denver next month because the trip takes too long.
6 I in this company for 10 years now. It is my 10th anniversary here today. I will celebrate tonight!
7 We spend the summer on the coast when I was a child.
8 They’ve lived in that house they were children.
9 A: I didn’t go to the party yesterday.
B: She told me that she the party the day before.

A: Where is my umbrella?.
B: She asked me

11 A: Will you attend the seminar next week?
B: Yesterday she asked me if the following week.
12 You would feel better If you a short rest.
13 If she difficulty, she will ask you for help.
14 Our house in the year 1902.
15 Today, a lot of electronic goods in Southeast Asia.

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