Level A1 (Elementary)

Level A1 (Elementary)

1 Water at a temperature of 100º Celsius.
2 Where John and Mary from?
3 We have three children. daughter’s name is Jane.
4 a lot in tropical countries.
5 There isn’t grass in my garden.
6 I usually have my gym class at 6:00 Saturdays.
7 Paul’s in his office. Can you give this document, please?
8 Jane her to do list every day.
9 What time your sister get up?
10 six people in the conference room.
11 How people are there in your class?
12 Manhattan is Washington D.C.
13 Peter his homework now.
14 I some books tomorrow.
15 “Where for holidays last year?”
16 Who these emails?
17 July is time of the year in Argentina.
18 Argentina the World Cup in 1986.
19 People that all politicians are corrupt.
20 I anything about our problem yet.

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