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Tranlation Services

All translation projects, upon arrival at our "Bureau", are coordinated and directed by the Sworn English Translator Clelia Sartori M.N. 4758 who is in charge of the distribution, coordination, delivery times and supervision thereof.

Translation Team

We have a team of specialized translators that cover large areas such as:

Legal Translations
Finance, Accounting, & Economy 
Public translations: (translation of documents such as: passports, scripts, certificates, power of attorney, incorporations, birth certificates, definition certificate, etc.)
Specialized Translation (Medicine, Architecture, Insurance, Environment, etc.)
Others: Website Translation; ISO standards, standards manuals; advertising, business, e-commerce, marketing, etc.

Translations in the area of: Environment, Medicine, Advocacy, Quality Standards, Architecture, Finance, Insurance, Systems, etc. They are covered by constant advice on the terminology aspect by professionals by doing proofreading and working together with the linguistic area.