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On Site Courses

IBL provides, for its training courses in companies, native and graduate professors.

Advantages of learning with native teachers:

Complementing the Argentine professors, the native professors provide a natural way of communication, through the correct accentuation and intonation by using idioms and phrases of everyday use. They also bring part of their culture to each class. This makes the class even more enriching.

Advantages of learning with graduate teachers from Argentina:

The graduate teachers, provide the students with the necessary teaching techniques to learn a language by providing grammar and phonetic techniques to the training.  The teachers working for IBL are graduates of the following places:  Joaquín V.Gonzáles, Lenguas Vivas, Universidad del Salvador, Universidad de Belgrano.


Once the students have been assessed through placement tests, we establish an hourly load and program to be followed by level. This program, which includes vocabulary, grammar, audio exercises and conversation practice objectives, is being completed as the months of the year pass.

IBL works continuously with the HR departments by providing them with  follow-up reports, attendance rates, test scores and results obtained from each student. We also work with a monthly tracking atttendance template system.