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Study Spanish in Buenos Aires Argenina - Spanish school  - Courses of Spanish - Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires Argentina.  Our school is located in downtown of Buenos Aires Argentina.  Students from all over the world visit our Spanish school in Buenos Aires Argentina
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Learn Spanish Online - Live Courses from Argentina

IBL offers online Spanish lessons as well as presential classes in Argentina.  You can start taking live interactive Spanish classes in your country from the confort of your home before coming to Argentina. Also, you can continue taking online classes after you have taken your presential classes in Buenos Aires Argentina. (That is to say, you can continue studying in your country after having studied here in Buenos Aires, Argentina) Or simply take the whole Spanish course online interacting live with native teachers from Argentina.

Interaction in online classes

IBL's online Spanish courses allow you to speak with your teacher by means of an Integrated VoIP audio system that enables you to listen and be listened to live! This system is excellent when doing audio exercises while learning Spanish online!

All of our teachers are highly qualified to teach Spanish as a Second Language. They also have the advantage of being native language speakers of Spanish which enriches your class even more.

All of the online platform tools are shared and are used to interact with your teacher as if you were taking a presential class.

Learn Spanish Online


Video Conference in Online classes

Spanish lessons Online

We use a videoconference system for our online Spanish courses. This allows you to see your teacher during class.

The teacher will use the web camera in order to use body language which is a useful technique when teaching a foreign Language. Likewise, if you want to, ou can use the web cam as well to stablish a better communication with your teacher.

All you need is a good internet connection, a web cam and a headset (microphone and headphones)



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Online Spanish Classes

Study Spanish in your own home, at work or in an internet cafe with native Spanish speaking teachers using internet video conferencing.

Classes are very dynamic since they have been developed using an interactive workshop format. This means that you can work on materials that your teacher presents on a working platform while, at the same time, you will be able to chat, watch, listen and interact with your teacher through our VoIP audio technology.

You will be able to do listening or writing activities, and you will be able to speak with your teacher by making your class entertaining, fluid and interesting. It is practically the same thing as being in a traditional private face-to-face class, but from the confort of your office or home and saving time and money!


Spanish Courses Online: Attendance Certificates

Once you have finished your course, you will receive an attendance certificate. It certifies that you have accomplished the Spanish course online. These certificates will be sent to you in a .pdf format ready to print in high quality.

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